New fully automatic cutting machine

New fully automatic cutting machine

Stalror seeks new opportunities to constantly improve as a supplier. Our new fully automated cutting machine means increased efficiency in each delivery and very high quality for our customers.

Lisa Lindholm new CFO

Lisa Lindholm new CFO at Stålrör AB

The time has come and we - owner and directors of Stålrör International as well as the board of directors of Stålrör AB - are excited to announce our new CFO here and also to start introducing her.

Change of Managing Director

Change of Managing Director at Stålrör: Thank you, Joakim – and good luck, Joakim!

Our Managing Director and sales manager, Joakim Ohlsson, from this point onward will be focusing fully on his task as sales and purchasing director. Joakim Ohlsson commands an enormous amount of expertise within the automotive field, as well as in the field of light industry, from which the company can now benefit 100%, which is a great advantage for us. Joakim Ohlsson will continue to be a representative on the executive steering committee.

Robert Mahari

Robert Mahari, member of the Stalror Board, attending Harvard Law School

It is our pleasure to announce that Robert Mahari, member of our board, will be attending Harvard Law School to pursue a Juris Doctor degree.