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Our vision

To increase our company's value, profitability and cost-effectiveness
while maximizing customer benefits.

We are a progressive company that has always adapted through newer times by constant innovation. We value qualities like loyalty, continuity and sustainability as well as teamspirit of our employees, management, board, owners, suppliers and customers. We try to meet their needs in the best possible way. Our goal is to increase the company's value, profitability and cost-effectiveness while maximizing customer benefits.

Our pursuit is not growth at all costs. We rather aim to achieve an optimal company size from the market's perspective and to maintain it. We will continue to be strong and transfer our strengths to all who are part of Stalror Group.

Stalror Group should also be a respected and popular employer that attracts competent, committed, responsible and loyal people for long-term employment. We want to be a supportive and challenging employer as well as try to increase the quality of life of our employees through good working conditions and challenges that are motivating.

Our owner & boards

Beatrix Stadler

Stalror International AG, Stalror AB and Stalror AS Board Vice-President

Beatrix Stadler is the owner of Stalror Group and CEO of Stalror International AG, building on more than half a century of family tradition and drawing on over forty years of personal experience in the steel industry with a focus on steel tubes. Beatrix took the reins of Stalror from her father, Herbert Stadler, who had founded the group as an exceptionally talented entrepreneur and true pioneer of international business.

In addition to her professional duties, Beatrix is a dog lover and owner; she is a particular expert on headstrong terriers.

Adrian Döbeli

Stalror International AG Board President

Adrian Doebeli graduated in law from the University of Zurich. He has been practicing as a lawyer for more than twenty years. He also has a passion for IT technologies and was involved in corresponding start-ups emerging from the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Zurich. He advises and represents the holding company in various legal matters from the point of view of Swiss law.

For his leisure he enjoys literature and science and likes to discover new destinations.

Julian Mahari

Stalror International AG Board Member

Julian Mahari is owner and president of BPH Breakthrough Projects Holding AG, headquartered in Switzerland. In this capacity, Julian advises family offices, consults Ultra High Net Worth Investors and works on the design and implementation of transactions. In addition, Julian is Professor of Management at the University of Warsaw and has authored numerous books and articles related to international management topics. As an active member of Rotary International, Julian contributes to charitable initiatives globally.

Magnus Grönborg

Stalror AB Chairman of the Board

Magnus Grönborg looks back on a long and impressive career in multiple global managerial positions in production and supply chains. Magnus currently serves as a Senior Vice President at Höganäs AB where he is in charge of global production, supply chain, and technology development. Magnus lives in Ängelholm, he is married and has two children. He looks forward to bringing his experience into Stålrör and to contributing to the company’s future development.

Raphael Mahari

Stalror AB and Stalror AS Board Member

Raphael Mahari studies Management and Computer Science at the University of Tulane and has previously completed educational programs at Technion Haifa, Oxford University, the Research Science Institute at MIT, and Yale University.

Raphael was a research assistant at the University of Warsaw, a host & organizer of start-up presentations, accumulated experience in the cybersecurity industry, and also worked, inter alia, for Polish insurance and banking group PZU.

Raphael is the author and editor of several publications and has been a project leader on various Rotary International projects. As an adolescent, he bred therapy cats (Ragamuffins) and started a foundation to finance cats for disabled and chronically ill children.
In his free time Rafi enjoys practicing a diverse set of martial arts and mounted archery.

Robert Mahari

Stalror AB and Stalror AS Board Member

Robert Mahari is a graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab’s Human Dynamics Group and a JD candidate at Harvard Law School. His work focuses on how technology can and should affect the practice of law. Robert is the president of the Harvard Law & Technology Society and editor in chief of the Harvard Law Record. Robert graduated from MIT with a double major in Chemical Engineering and Management Science. Fluent in four languages, Robert pursues global projects related to entrepreneurship and innovation, topics on which he publishes and lectures regularly. In his free time, Robert is drawn to the great outdoors and loves to hike and fish around the world.

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