Creative range

Stålrör are specialists in steel pipes. We store thousands of products in all dimensions. Our focus on quality from order to delivery gives you a head start.

Dimensions ahead

Hot-rolled, cold-drawn, stainless steel, seamless, welded, round, square, cut, laser cut, drilled, surface-treated. Thousands of products in all dimensions.

Meet our new colleague

We welcome our new sales support, Dragica Kovijanic, to Stålrör. Dragica has a long experience and has held various sales roles. She is a very valuabl…

Our team keeps growing!

We welcome our two new purchasers, Camilla Sand and Carina Sjögren-Bexelius, to Stålrör. They both have a long and solid experience in our industry.

Let's raise the bar!

In 2021, we had a delivery precision rate of 95.1%, but we are far from satisfied with that. Despite challenges around the world, we remain committed…