To my Stålrör Family

To my Stålrör Family

To my Stålrör Family,

Earlier this year I had the honor of attending the World Economic Forum in Davos as the emissary for the Computational Law Team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). As a researcher at the intersection of law and technology at MIT and a Juris Doctor Candidate at Harvard Law School, I spend much of my time thinking about, and building toward, the future of the legal profession – a future inevitably filled with automation, optimization and streamlining. I went to Davos to share our vision and goals for the future of law with a global audience. The first of these goals was for the law to remain “human-centered”. For most people, an encounter with the legal system is one of the most harrowing moments in their lives. As legal infrastructure becomes more efficient and accessible, society must ensure that the resolution of disputes will continue to accommodate human needs. These times of social distance have underscored the importance of “human-centeredness” as a value that exists far beyond the law.

It fills me with pride to be part of the Stålrör Family; pride to help build on a legacy of tradition, family, loyalty and close connections. Although the future promises to bring disruptive change, the value of providing human connection to one another, to our clients and to our business partners will endure. No amount of automation and optimization can replace trust, understanding and the spirit of collaboration.

It seems that the science of automation has become a science of unforeseen consequences. Buried behind every algorithm is an unintended bias. Every formula makes unforgivable simplifications. While we should strive for efficiency, we must not forget that all efficiency is just a means, not an end. True value lies in working with people whom we trust and who know that our needs cannot easily be expressed in Kronor and Ören. As our Stålrör Family continues its journey towards the future, we must not forget the past. As we modernize, we must remember what it is that makes us unique and human.

I look forward to what the future brings, for the world and for Stålrör, and wish you all a happy and healthy start to 2021.