Change of Managing Director

Change of Managing Director at Stålrör: Thank you, Joakim – and good luck, Joakim!

Our Managing Director and sales manager, Joakim Ohlsson, from this point onward will be focusing fully on his task as sales and purchasing director. Joakim Ohlsson commands an enormous amount of expertise within the automotive field, as well as in the field of light industry, from which the company can now benefit 100%, which is a great advantage for us. Joakim Ohlsson will continue to be a representative on the executive steering committee.

The board of directors has therefore decided to turn the role of Managing Director over to Joakim Davidsson, who previously served as operations manager within Stålrör.

“Stålrör is doing good, and we are looking forward to what we have ahead of us. It is an honor to take over as Managing Director and to continue the work that Joakim Ohlsson has started, as well as to develop the company even further,” says Joakim Davidsson.